Drumfest Charity

DRUM FEST Foundation

Established in 2013 at the initiative of Wojciech Lasek.

The scope of activity of the DRUM FEST Foundation includes:

  • activity in the field of sound and music recordings
  • advertisement
  • rental and lease of other personal and household goods
  • education
  • activities supporting the exhibition of artistic performances
  • activities of cultural facilities
  • activities related to the release of records, cassettes, production of broadcasts, etc.
  • artistic and literary creative activity
  • other entertainment and recreational activities
  • activity consisting in organizing events, concerts, competitions

Management of Drum Fest Foundation:

Wojciech Lasek – chairman

Marek Kapłon – vice-chairman

Jcek Nemec – treasurer

Drum Fest Foundation:

1 Maja 19

45 – 068 Opole

Tel: 77 454 66 24 wew. 23