Percussion Festival Reviews
Artist reviews 2014 Drukuj Email

Dear Wojtek,

I want to thank you very much for your kindness, your hospitality and you great sense of professionalism. I spent a wonderful time in Opole and I really appreciate the event, the ambiance and the quality.
Everything was just PERFECT and great, and this is of course because of you and because of all the great team who works with you.
Please congrat and thank them on my behalf. They have always been very helpful and made our stay very comfortable.

I told my students how great Drumfest is and all the good things I think about the festival and the competition.
All of them are positive to attend next year, the competition and if this is possible the festival to perform.

I hope we’ll be able to talk again about this in a near future.
But for the moment please receive my big consideration and my thanks for the last week end and all the event.

Warmest regards

Frederic Macarez

Opole was wonderful. I have been very impressed by the kindness and efficiency of everyone there and by the quality of the event and the competition.

I reported to my students about it and they are very positive about it. I would love them to be part of the competition next time.

Federic Macarez


On my way back from another great Drumfest in Opole! Thanks to Wojtek Lasek for your passion to all the participants who came to the competition. And for a fantastic concert last night with Keiko Abe, Mark Ford, Paul Rennick, Adam Benjamin Davis and the UNT Drumline!!! And to all of you who came up and played cymbals at my session.

Anders Astrand


Keiko and I really had wonderful days in Opole.

We appreciate the very warm hospitality from you, Wojtek, Ola and others.

Please give our gratefulness to all.

All the best,

Motoko (Keiko Abe's assistant)


Thank you so much for everything! The festival and competition this year was wonderful.   But for now the most important thing is “thank you!”   :))     It was so wonderful to work with Anders, Frederic, Paul and Keiko!!   They are the best!     Also please let Ola know how much we appreciated her help. And many thanks to my comrade, Wojtek!    :)))

Mark Ford


It' been a pleasure to work with all of you. Hopefully we'll see again soon. Thank you for your professional job.

Gabriele Rapali – tour manager HBC Super Trio

Artists reviews 2013 Drukuj Email

To Wojtek,

Thank you for all of your great energy, your wonderful spirit, and your beautiful heart. I am happy and honoured to have been here for Drum Fest.

Cindy Blackman Santana


Hello Wojtek,

 I want to say again to you, thank you very very much for everything. It was a great pleasure to play at your festival again. I hope it turns out to be a nice success for you. You really have a nice team as well. We were very well looked after, the sound crew was great for us, and overall we had a fantastic time.

Nick D'Virgilio

Peace and love to you all. Life is beautiful.

Doug Wimbish



Thank you for your bravery to seek and find special musics of the world. You are a treasure. Vinx

Always a pleasure to play your festival. Thanks for support and promotion of great music/culture

Will Calhoun


Thanks again for everything. Happy to be here.

Pat Mastelotto


Thanks for a perfect introduction to Poland; it's food, people, passion. Looking forward till we meet again. All the Best,

Matt Starr



Thank you for everything my friend. You are a God amongst mortals! All the best,

Michael Devin


For Wojtek, Thank you my brother, you are a great man.

Doug Aldrich


Dear Wojtek,
Words cannot express our gratitude to you for such an incredibly amazing experience at DrumFest!  You are a true visionary, my friend, and we are all still “buzzing” from the energy and excitement of our performance with Opole’s magnificent orchestra!  Please extend our thanks to your entire team for demonstrating tremendous professionalism and hospitality on every level!
We sincerely hope you will invite us back for next year’s Drum Fest, and we are excited about exploring all the business opportunities you and I discussed during our meeting.
What a week......What an experience…The finest moment of my life…after our last rehearsal before the concert, the orchestra and my band finished playing my music, and they all look up at me and see me with my face buried in my hands shaking….They were confused…..was I disappointed in their performance? Was I not pleased??…I looked up from my hands with tears streaming down my face. I have never heard my music played so beautifully and magically..I was that overwhelmed…..I’ll never forget that moment for the rest of my life. They played with such emotion and passion. A gift from God. We could not speak each others language but the power of musical language was heaven sent though our instruments….”
Warm regards,
Laura Kaye



I just wanted to say thanks for everything last week! It was a pleasure meeting you, and I'm sure I can speak for everyone that we all really appreciated how much care you put into accommodating us. Please send my regards to Wojtek. Hope to see you again!

Randy McStine


To Voytek, Muchas Grazias

Jose Torres


To Wojtek, Thank you for everything. ROCK ON


Wojtek, Thanks for all man, you made it happen. Can't wait for next time. God bless you.

references after the festival in 2012 Drukuj Email

Once again, I had a great time. Thanks Voytek !

Ian Paice

We really enjoyed your festival... thank you for your amazing hospitality... as always. We look forward to the next time! Virgil Donati

Thank You for inviting us to perform. I had a great time.

Dennis Chambers

Once again, thank you so much for having me and the boys at your festival! I am very honored that you asked me! I love things like this and I am glad the first one I have been a part of was yours! We all had a great time!

Brian Tichy

Wojtek !! Thank You for all the hospitality and for showing me around this awesome town ! All the best to You and Drum Fest !

Michael Devin

To Wojtek and Ragtime Music !! You are the best ! Thank You for a super Drum Fest !!!

Mark Ford

Big big thank for a great festival and wonderful host, hope to see you soon !

Anders Astrand

Thanks for a great gig !

Scott Henderson

Wojtek ! It is always a pleasure working with You ! You are a great man and a good friend ! Cheers !

Derek Sherinian

I had such a great time in Poland I would love to come anytime.

Doug Aldrich

Wojtek – sorry it took so long to do this – it was a blast ! You were an amazing host. Let's do it again soon !

Mike Portnoy

Thanks for all – much love

Terry Bozzio

To Wojtek – You are the most important person in Poland – You gave opportunity to young people, inspired them, encouraged them and support them ! What a noble thing You are doing in Poland. Very, very best wishes to everything You do !!! Hope to see You again soon ! Love

She-e Wu

To Wojtek – thanks so much for inviting me ! Was a great time !!

Benny Greb


Once again, thanks a lot for your kindness and great professionality during the 2 days at the's been a great pleasure to work with you!

Matteo Fillipini

Reference list Drukuj Email

We had a great time and we thank you very much for running such a wonderful festival so professionally. You did a great job!

Steve Smith


I would like to thank the Percussion Festival of Opole for bringing me to Poland for their shows, along with our new group, Stick Men. We were very impressed by the organization, the professionalism, and the spirit of all the people involved with the promotion. The crews were terrific, allowing us to do the best shows we were able. The audiences were great too - so we had a wonderful time. It was a great week for us in Poland, and we look forward to coming back again!

Tony Levin

It was our pleasure to be part of the 2010 Drum Fest in Poland. It was great to have an opportunity to perform with my band Nerve with a full show as opposed to the drum solo/clinic which usually is the presentation format at most other drumming events. Congratulations to your great festival!”

Jojo Mayer & Nerve

Dear Wojtek, This is always my favourite festival! Thank you once again for your kindness.

Virgil Donati

I really enjoyed my time in Poland and congratulations to such a wonderful festival. I am telling everybody about it and I am looking forward to coming back next year!

Thomas Lang

I am grateful that I was invited to be a part of the festival. I thought everything was done very well and it was very well organized. I had a wonderful time and hope to come back again someday.

Chester Thompson

'I had the most incredible time performing in clinic and with the Rudess Morgenstein Project at the Ragtime Percussion Festival! I was so moved by the passion everyone displayed towards the music and drumming. I tip my hat to Wojtek for putting on one of the most organized percussion festivals I have ever attended and I very much look forward to the next time I can visit and perform in Poland!

Rod Morgenstein

Thank you again for bringing Planet X back to Poland. We had a great time, and you took very good care of us.

Derek Sherinian

I had such a great time there w/you in Opole and hope we can come back very soon!

Terry Bozzio

I could have a quite joyful time in Drum Fest and We had a excitement with good audience for the night concerts. I especially have a good impression of Poland during the tour, due to good venues, good preparation, there were definitely good hospitality of the organizer. Besides, I felt the passion of the owner and his son for the festival. Please, say hello to them.

Akira Jimbo

18th Drum Festival was extremely well organized by Wojtek and Alexander Lasek and all my activities during the festival went really well. I was really happy to see how much the percussion scene in Opole has developed since my last visit, and for sure the festival is helping to establish the city as one of the percussion centers in Poland. The format of the festival presenting all the different areas of the percussion is a very positive aspect, and to have artist from all over the world makes this festival an especial event for the percussion in Europe. The festival is also helping to built and motivate a new generation of Polish musicians, giving them a unique and worldwide experience in percussion.

Ney Rosauro

Thanks for everything. I had a GREAT time and really respect all you have done with the festival.

Pete Lockett

I had a great time in Poland and please give my regards to Wojciech Lasek

Chris Minh Doky

You „R” the best! We had a great time in Poland. All the best

Tom Coster

Dear Wojtek and Festival Organiser Team,

I would like to express thanks on behalf of the artists and Roland Polska team for the hospitality, arrangements, excellent PA staff. Everything went fine, artists were very satisfied. Thanks for all support and cooperation!

Andras Pirisi – Roland Managing Director

I wish to THANK YOU for your EXCELLENT hospitality, and marvelous organisation of the festival. I already have been to Poland and Opole many times, But this time was most comfortable and pleasant in terms of organisation, percussion equipment, etc...SO THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING.

Nebojsa J. Żivković

Back in early October 2008 I got to spend 5 fantastic days in Poland. In Opole to be exact. I was privileged to play at the 17th International Percussion Festival. This was one of THE best run festivals I have ever been involved in. Voytek and all of his amazing crew at RAGTIME really did a first rate job. Being that this was the 17th festival is amazing in itself. I don't know of anything quite like this festival anywhere in the world. 3 different cities all with shows and clinics going on on different days, at different times, with multiple PA's being sent and set up, and all of the different drummers each with there own set up. If there was any problems I sure didn't see any. I did 3 different performances and all of my shows went off perfectly.

The Polish people were all so great. I was treated very very well, I was able to talk and hang out with other amazing professional players that I had never met before, I was able to drink some Polish vodka (good times!!!) and eat some great food, I was able to perform and play my drums, and best of all I was able to get to know some really fantastic people that I would never had had the chance to meet if it wasn't for this festival. So thank you Voytek and everyone at Ragtime! I have memories that will last a lifetime. All the best,

Nick D'Virgilio

I had an incredible time at the International Percussion festival in Opole. The musicianship of the students was high and the organizers were top notch - gracious, hospitable, and efficient. I really look forward to returning again soon. There are not many festivals like this and I offer my full support to make sure it keeps going becaus this festival is vitally important to the drum and percussion community.

Terri Lyne Carrington

Wojtek, You & your peps are the best. Thanks for everything. See you soon.

Vinny Valentino

Many thanks for inviting me to play in your festival! I will never forget ! Best wishies

Aquiles Priester

I would like to express my appreciation for the thoroughly professional, friendly way I have been treated during my stay in Opole. Everything has been managed on time and without any „stress”. I wish all musical events were this easy.

Ian Paice

My time has always been spent with some venice people, who have been involved with the Festival. I have always found it to be very professional. I always make time to come back to the very Passionate City, were I have met some of the nicest people in the Music Business. I would like to thank Wojtek Lasek for his time that he has spent making the festival a great event.

Carl Palmer

Congratulations on having a truly great festival. I was totally impressed by the festival's lineup, it's professionalism and organization, and a wonderful audience responce

Paul Wertico

The International Percussion Festival was my first visit in Poland – it was extremly well run, and the legendary warmth of the Polish hospitality was much in evidence.

Bill Bruford

It's always a great pleasure for me to teach an perform at the Opole Percussion Festival. The students are open, eager to learn and they ask great questions! Performing at Philharominic Hall is a dream.. wonderful acoustics and a responsive audience! Bravo Wojtek Lasek!!!!

David Friedman

I was very happy to be part of your festival, and I again admire the way you organized everything. Also it was a big honour to be a guest at your 16th International Percussion Festival. Hope to hear from you!

Ruud Wiener

Thanks for the invitation to play at your drum fest. I had a great time and i enjoyed my dinner!  ;-) 
look forward to working with you again soon! ;-)

Mike Terrana









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