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During the festival there are presented different music styles. This is multidisciplinary musical project, which includes representatives from the whole world. Aim of the festival is to present rhytm in different forms and styles, solo or in bands. There are invited drummers and percussionist along with other musicians. The festival was established to make prestigous musical event accessible to music fans in smaller cities. It is also organized to integrate musicians, to present the most valueable music pieces and artists connected with rhytm and to raise quality of percussion performances in Poland.

Every year there are bands and musicians (not only drummers) invited who present music such as: jazz, classical, ethnic, rock and other modern styles. Usually, mixed music styles are also presented making each show unusual. The festival is to widen musical horizons. It received recognitions and is highly valued musical event in Poland.

There are organized concerts, recitals and clinics in different towns on the South of Poland. The festival includes also international drum set, marimba and vibraphone competitions for young drummers. At the festival there are several dozen of events taken place in concert halls in few towns.


The origin of International Percussion Festival can be dated at 80’s, when Wojciech Lasek, artistic director of the festival, the Principal of the National Music School in Opole and the drum teacher those days, organized 1st Drum Music Days in Opole (Poland), in 1988. At the beggining, festival was addressed only to drum class students from music schools, from all over Poland. Throughout the years the formula had changed. The third edition was already international. During festival you could attend concerts, as well as instrumental workshops/clinics and contests for young drummers. Only on stages in Opole city, but with time, festival started to grow and now you can attend concerts also in Katowice, Wrocław and other cities of our country. Thanks to years of hard work festival, from a one-day event it became an event that lasts more then three weeks nowadays. During concerts, firstly only drum and percussion kind, you can now listen to musicians and bands, where all the artist are marvellous in their disscipline of music – guitarists, bass players, piano players.


The variety of music played during festival, which is a huge advantage of the International Percussion Festival, became a main reason of a growing popularity within the fans. Starting with classical music, through rock, jazz, blues, pop and ending on metal music, festival became a cultural event, that is addressed to all kind of people. Workshops/clinics, leaded by invited musicians are occasion not only to get to know all the drum masters tricks of the playing, but also their own ticks. Thanks to those artists, festival can unite not only people from all over the Poland, but also from abroad. Many talented vibrofonists and drummers from Poland is taking part in the contests organized during festival, and they are being noted by jury that is build with stars of drum and percussion music.

You could also take a look at different drum and prccussion instruments, during special exhibitions. It was then when Opole started to host musicians from all over the world. Talking about the festival, it is important to mention dozens of people that are involved in it’s preparation. In an organization point, the festival is a professional event. International Percussion Festival, the fruit of work of many people’s hands and hearts is a big, multi disciplinary world-class event, that can not be compared to any other in Poland!